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Product Details: Radio Shuttle Racking System consists of supporting rack, shuttle rails and a Radio shuttle cart (Also Called Pallet Runner or Pallet Mole). The Radio shuttle cart runs on the rails and is propelled by an electric motor. It also has a platform on the top that can lift up and down. The lifting action is required to lift a pallet that is placed on the rail and then the electric motor moves the cart with the pallet on top into the rack in order to deposit the pallet in its right position. Product Parameters of Radio Shuttle Racking System: Moving methodChain/Guide railChain/Guide railChain/Guide railChain/Guide rail Losding capacity (kg)500100015002000 Transfer time (Sec)20202020 Moving speed (m/min)120120120120 Power supplySlide wireSlide wireSlide wireSlide wire Motor (kw)0.75/1.51.1/2.21.5/32.2/4 Speed controlFrequency conversionFrequency conversionFrequency conversionFrequency conversion Loading dimension800~1500(W) x 800~1500(D) x 300~2000(H) Integrated performanceIntegratable with WMS, WCS and vehicle dispatch system The features of Radio Shuttle Racking System: With highest density and low cost. Can store up to 90% of the total area Can store with both Last In First Out (LIFO) and First In First Out (FIFO) system Can reduce crashed between forklift and rack Production Flow: Our Superior Advantages Factory Workshops: Some other related products from our company:Pallet Shuttle Racking manufacturers website:
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