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Root high speed disperser is widely applied in dispersing paste such as color paint paint, ink, dye, adhesion, ceramic glaze, magnetic recording materials etc. Disperser is the a good solution for mixing, dispersing and dissolving. Machine Features 1.The strong centrifugal force can fill the narrow and precious gap, by centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction, impact and other integrated hydraulic force, the initial material is dispersed at last. paint disperser paint disperser 2.The rotor of dispersing machine high-speed rotation is to generate at least 15m / s or more linear speed.the materials will get dispersing and broken sufficiently after intense hydraulic shear, friction, tearing collision effects, and through a high-speed injection from the stator slots. paint 3.High-speed disperser material continuously emitted from the radial direction,and change the flow direction between materials and inner container wall resistance.At the same time,under the effect of axis to suction force, will complete the dispersion process. ModelSpeed(RPM)Power (KW)Disc Dia(mm)Stroke(mm)Capacity(L) RTFS-2.20-14402.215060050-150 RTFS-40-1440420060050-200 RTFS-5.50-14405.520080080-250 RTFS-7.50-14407.5250800100-300 RTFS-110-144011250800100-400 RTFS-150-144015300800150-500 RTFS-18.50-144018.53001100200-800 RTFS-220-1440223001100200-1000 RTFS-300-1440303501100300-1500 RTFS-370-1440374001100400-2000 RTFS-450-1440454501300500-2500 RTFS-550-1440555001600600-3000 Specifications Belt ClampingManual ClampingSaw Tooth DiscIndustrial Disperser price website:
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