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Name: polylactic acid transparent granules Origin: China Color: transparent Raw material: corn starch Particle size: 2-4 mm Melting point: 155-158掳 C Density: 1.25卤0.05 g/cc Application: applied to disposable products Annual supply capacity Supply capacity: 8000 tons/ton of transparent polylactic acid resin pellets per year Specifications for polylactic acid granules PLA takes corn, cassava and other crops as raw materials, after microbial fermentation and extraction, by High temperature refining, dehydration, oligopolymerization, decomposition, polymerization. PLA has excellent biodegradability. After discarding, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in the soil within a year, producing carbon dioxide and water without causing environmental pollution. PLA itself belongs to aliphatic polyester, has the basic characteristics of general polymer materials, good mechanical processing performance and low shrinkage, can be used for most synthetic plastics. advantage Advantage of 2. (1) PLA is a new biodegradable material, which is made of starch material proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn); (2) Good mechanical and physical properties; (3) Good compatibility and degradation; (4) Apart from the basic characteristics of biodegradable plastics, PLA also has its own unique characteristics; (5) PLA and petrochemical synthetic plastics have similar basic physical properties, that is, they can be widely used to manufacture products for a variety of applications; (6) PLA has the best tensile strength and ductility. Polylactic acid can also be produced through a variety of commonly used processing methods. In addition, it has the same printing performance as traditional film; (7) PLA membrane has good air permeability, oxygen permeability and double oxygen permeability. It also has odor isolation characteristics.PLA Resin factory website:
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