Stretch Film Paper Roll Wrapping Machine factory

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Our History 2005.Jinan Dyehome Machinery Co.,Ltd founded. 2009.Foreign department founded 2010.Modern airport luggage wrapping machine designed, become the leader in this area. 2012.Paper roll wrapping machine and tyre wrapping machine Obtained a patent 2015.Company name change to Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. 2016.To be one listed company in China, Company NEEQ STOCK CODE:836635 2017.The company expanded its scale and moved into a new factory and office building 2018.Horizontal ring wrapping machine obtained a patent be Regulatory Enterprise 2020.Shandong Dyehome Intelligent become Dyehome group Dyehome group include single manufacture company, single domestic sales company, single foreign sales company Our new foreign sales company name: Shandong Golden Pack Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd Our Products General machine: pallet wrapping machine, luggage wrapping machine, paper roll wrapping machine, rotary-arm pallet wrapping machine, horizontal ring wrapping machine, strapping machine, carton erector, carton sealing machine, banding machine, palletizer, pallet dispenser. Stretch Film Paper Roll Wrapping Machine factory website:
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