Artanë, Kosovo 3450
Gammelhavn 12
Word: This protected features a pink reset button positioned on the inside of the door and covered with a removable cap. So as to use this reset button, take away the cap first. Change the cap securely over the reset button after setting your mixture. Failure to take action will compromise the security and safety of the secure. 2. Press the crimson reset button and then launch it; you'll hear a beep. A yellow light on the faceplate will activate and stay on for a time frame while you enter your personal safety code. You may only enter the code whereas the yellow light is illuminated. With the door open and the yellow gentle activated, enter your 3 - 8 digit code. Affirm your code by pressing the image ∗ on the keypad. You need to see the live motion bolts retract. If the code fails, go through steps 1 and a couple of once more. If the code works efficiently, document your mixture quantity. Should you write down your mixture you will need to keep this information in a secure place, away from children, and not inside the protected. It's best to then shut and lock the door. Be aware: Do not SHUT THE DOOR Till You have got CONFIRMED THAT YOUR NEW Security CODE WORKS Appropriately. If an incorrect code is entered three instances, the protected will robotically lockout for 15 seconds. If an incorrect code is entered 2 extra times, the safe will not permit any other codes to be entered for 5 minutes. If you have any concerns concerning in which and how to use, you can speak to us at the web-site.

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